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Adams, J.M. (1977) A bibliography on post-harvest losses in cereals and pulses with particular reference to tropical and subtropical countries (G110). [Working Paper]

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Bezemer, Dirk and Davis, Junior (2003) The rural non-farm economy in Romania: Overview of findings. [Working Paper]

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Bockett, Geoffrey (2001) Marketing strategies in the cut flower export industry: A case study on supply chains and good practice. [Working Paper]

Botta, Alberto (2015) The complex inequality-innovation-public investment nexus. [Working Paper]

Botta, Alberto (2015) The macroeconomics of a financial Dutch disease. [Working Paper]

Botta, Alberto (2016) The theoretical inconsistency of the expansionary austerity doctrine (reprise): an extension to the long run. [Working Paper]

Botta, Alberto (2016) The theoretical weaknesses of the expansionary austerity doctrine. [Working Paper]

Botta, Alberto, Caverzasi, Eugenio and Tori, Daniele (2015) Financial-real side interactions in an extended monetary circuit with shadow banking: loving or dangerous hugs? [Working Paper]

Botta, Alberto, Caverzasi, Eugenio and Tori, Daniele (2015) Financial-real side interactions in the monetary circuit: loving or dangerous hugs? [Working Paper]

Botta, Alberto, Caverzasi, Eugenio and Tori, Daniele (2016) The macroeconomics of shadow banking. [Working Paper]

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Botta, Alberto and Tori, Daniele (2017) A critique to the expansionary austerity (part III): empirical counter facts beyond theoretical weaknesses. [Working Paper]

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Burgess, Peter, Corby, Susan, Höland, Armin, Michel, Hélène, Willemez, Laurent, Buchwald, Christina and Krausbeck, Elisabeth (2017) The roles, resources and competencies of employee lay judges: A cross-national study of Germany, France and Great Britain. [Working Paper]

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Coles, Anne-Marie and Yan, L. (2015) Cultural knowledge as international business: entrepreneurial style in the UK traditional Chinese medicine sector. [Working Paper]

Coles, Anne-Marie and Yan, Lin (2015) Cultural knowledge as International Business: Entrepreneurial Style in the UK Traditional Chinese Medicine Sector. [Working Paper] (Unpublished)

Collinson, C. (1998) Kokonte expenditure in Ghana: patterns from GLSS3 data (NRI report no. 2382). [Working Paper]

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Corby, Susan (2015) Arbitration in collective disputes: A useful tool in the toolbox. [Working Paper]

Corby, Susan (2013) Labour courts in Great Britain and Sweden: a self-service model v collective regulation. [Working Paper]

Corby, Susan (2015) What's really involved in Acas Collective arbitration? [Working Paper]

Coronella, Stefano, Risaliti, Gianluca and Russo, Antonella (2017) The history of accounting history research: an analysis of 115 years of Rivista Italiana di Ragioneria e di Economia Aziendale. [Working Paper] (Unpublished)

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Coutroubis, Alec (2010) Ship Finance: Harsh realities, bleak future (Special survey). [Working Paper]

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Cozzi, Giovanni (2014) Economic policy viewpoint: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Another free-trade charade? [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni (2013) Winning for Real: The Eurozone and the need for a paradigm shift: 10 Fundamental Challenges. [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni and Bargawi, Hannah (2015) Engendering economic recovery: modelling alternatives to austerity in Europe. [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni and De Henau, Jerome (2015) Recovery for whom? The Juncker's plan must not be a missed opportunity for gender equality in Europe. [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni and Griffith-Jones, Stephany (2014) Economic policy viewpoint: Recovering investment, jobs and growth in Europe. A proposal. [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni and Griffith-Jones, Stephany (2015) Investment-led growth: a solution to the European crisis. [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni and McKinley, Terry (2015) Addressing the pressing need to reduce global and European imbalances. [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni and McKinley, Terry (2016) Framing economic policies to confront global and European imbalances. [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni and McKinley, Terry (2016) The United Kingdom’s Brexit vote leads to a major economic shock. [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni, McKinley, Terry and Michell, Jo (2014) Can conventional macroeconomic policies prevent persistent stagnation in the European Union? [Working Paper]

Cozzi, Giovanni, McKinley, Terry and Michell, Jo (2014) Employment-led recovery for Europe: an alternative to austerity. [Working Paper]

Cronin, Bruce (2015) Getting started in social network analysis with NETDRAW. [Working Paper]

Cronin, Bruce, De Vita, Riccardo and Conaldi, Guido (2015) Joining up the dots: Using social data to measure the effects of events on innovation. [Working Paper]

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Dafermos, Yannis, Nikolaidi, Maria and Galanis, Giorgos (2015) A stock-flow-fund ecological macroeconomic model. [Working Paper]

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Emmanuel, Myrtle (2015) The relational nature of undergraduates' career management. [Working Paper] (Unpublished)

Esiyok, Bulent and Ugur, Mehmet (2011) Foreign direct investment in provinces: A spatial regression approach to FDI in Vietnam. [Working Paper]

Farinas-Almeida, Frederico (2013) Critical review of student seating location preferences in lectures linked to student performance. [Working Paper]

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Galea, E. R., Cooney, D. P., Xie, H. and Sharp, G. G. (2016) Impact of hostile vehicle mitigation measures (bollards) on pedestrian crowd movement: Phase 2 Final Report. [Working Paper]

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