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Items where Subject is "LB1501 Primary Education"

Items where Subject is "LB1501 Primary Education"

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Ajoku-Christopher, Onyenachi Ada (2012) Factors influencing the lack of dyslexia awareness and its impact on inclusive learning in selected primary schools in Owerri West Local Government Area, Imo state, Nigeria. EdD thesis, University of Greenwich.

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Field, Jenny (2018) How to improve paired talk in primary maths: one teacher trainer shares a simple tweak that could enhance the quality of 'talk partner' discussion in primary maths. TES.

Field, Jenny (2018) LLME National Maths Hub Conference (2018) - for Leaders in Mathematics Education. In: LLME National Maths Hub Conference (2018) - for leaders in mathematics education. (Unpublished)

Field, Jenny (2018) NTF Symposium 2018: as a National Teaching Fellow. In: The Impact of Teaching Excellence – ANTF and HEA Excellence Awards Symposium.

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Field, Jenny (2018) A resource for primary mathematics: The Array Manipulative. [Artefact]

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