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Items where Faculty / Department / Research Groups is "Faculty of Business > Leadership & Organisational Behaviour Research Group (LOB)"

Items where Faculty / Department / Research Groups is "Faculty of Business > Leadership & Organisational Behaviour Research Group (LOB)"

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Molyn, Joanna, Gray, David E. and Mundy, Julia (2021) The Links between Vocational Outcome Expectancies, Career Decision Self-Efficacy and Environmental Conditions and Job Search Behaviours in Higher Education Students. [Working Paper] (Unpublished)


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Coulson-Thomas, Colin (2017) The Board: Emerging issues of corporate governance and sustainability challenges. In: 17th London Global Convention on Corporate Governance and Sustainability, 25 – 27th October, 2017, Millennium Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London W1 and House of Lords, London SW1.

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Coulson-Thomas, Colin (2017) Guest of Honour Commencement Ceremony Address, Gyan Diksha Samaroh Commencement Ceremony of 22nd Academic Session, Sri Sharada Institute of Indian Management-Research. (address given at Sri Sharada Institute of Indian Management-Research, New Delhi, India), Originally delivered in the Auditorium, Sri Sharada Institute of Indian Management-Research, New Delhi, India.

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Molyn-Blanchfield, Joanna and Gray, David E. (2017) The role and effectiveness of coaching in increasing higher education students’ self-efficacy, outcome expectancies and employability efforts. In: EMCC, 7th International Coaching & Mentoring Conference: Putting Research in the Heart of Practice, 14-15 June 2017, University of Greenwich, London. (Unpublished)

Pauksztat, Birgit (2017) “Team play”: Seafarers' strategies for coping with job demands of short sea cargo shipping lines. In: International Conference on Maritime Policy, Technology and Education, 7th - 8th June 2017, Southampton, UK. (Unpublished)

Pauksztat, Birgit and Salin, Denise (2017) Exposure to workplace bullying and group dynamics: A social network analysis. In: 18th Congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, 17-20 May 2017, Dublin, Ireland. (Unpublished)

Shantz, Amanda, Wang, Jing and Malik, Amina (2017) Disability status, individual variable pay, and pay satisfaction: Does relational and institutional trust make a difference? Human Resource Management, 57 (1). pp. 365-380. ISSN 0090-4848 (Print), 1099-050X (Online) (doi:10.1002/hrm.21845)

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Coulson-Thomas, Colin (2016) Governance, sustainability and contemporary boards. In: Ahluwalia, J. S., (ed.) Boards Evolving Role in an uncertain Global Economy. IOD Publishing, New Delhi, India, pp. 54-65. ISBN 978-81-932503-9-6

Molyn-Blanchfield, Joanna (2016) The Role and Effectiveness of Coaching in Increasing Career Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectancies and Employability Efforts of Higher Education Students. In: Closing the Gap: Research and Practice on Black and Minority Ethnic Student Attainment in Higher Education Conference, 27th June 2016, Kent. (Unpublished)

Naghieh, Ali and Parvizi, Marzyeh (2016) Exercising 'soft closure' on lay health knowledge? Harnessing the declining power of the medical profession to improve online health information. Social Theory & Health, 14 (3). pp. 332-350. ISSN 1477-8211 (Print), 1477-822X (Online) (doi:10.1057/sth.2016.1)


Naghieh, Ali, Montgomery, Paul, Bonell, Christopher, Thompson, Marc and Aber, J. Lawrence (2015) Organisational interventions for improving wellbeing and reducing work-related stress in teachers [Review]. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. ISSN 1469-493X (doi:10.1002/14651858.CD010306.pub2)

Sparrowe, Raymond T. and Emery, Cécile (2015) Tracing structure, tie Strength, and cognitive networks in LMX theory and research. In: Bauer, Talya and Erdogan, Berrin, (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Leader-Member Exchange. OLOP . Oxford University Press (USA), pp. 293-310. ISBN 9780199326174

Vandekerckhove, Wim and Rumyantseva, Nataliya (2015) Freedom to Speak Up - Qualitative Research Report. [Working Paper]


Molyn-Blanchfield, Joanna (2014) Measuring the Effectiveness of Career Coaching in Increasing Higher Education Students’ Job Search Self-Efficacy and Job Search Behaviours. In: ATP Conference. (Unpublished)

Molyn-Blanchfield, Joanna (2014) Measuring the Effectiveness of Career Coaching in Increasing Higher Education Students’ Job Search Self-Efficacy and Job Search Behaviours. In: SRHE Newer Researchers Conference, 9 December 2014, Newport, Wales. (Unpublished)

Molyn-Blanchfield, Joanna and Gray, David E. (2014) Measuring the Effectiveness of Career Coaching in Increasing Higher Education Students’ Career Self-Efficacy and Job Search Behaviours. In: Institute of Coaching/Harvard Medical School Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conference, 12-13 September 2014, Boston, MA. (Unpublished)


Rouchier, Juliette, Tubaro, Paola and Emery, Cécile (2013) Opinion transmission in organizations: an agent-based modeling approach. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, 20 (3). pp. 252-277. ISSN 1381-298X (Print), 1572-9346 (Online) (doi:10.1007/s10588-013-9161-2)

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