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Items where Author is "Bennett, Ben"

Items where Author is "Bennett, Ben"

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Tomlins, Keith, Bennett, Ben, Stathers, Tanya, Linton, John, Onumah, Gideon, Coote, Hilary, Kleih, Ulrich, Priebe, Jan and Bechoff, Aurelie (2016) Reducing postharvest losses in the OIC member countries. COMCEC Agricultural Working Group. pp. 1-194.

Silva, Ana Patricia, Franco, Maria Isabel, Mady, Cissé, Pallet, Dominique, Tomlins, Keith, Bennett, Ben, Pintado, Manuela and Sottomayor, Miguel (2016) Drivers of acceptance of a new beverage in Europe. Beverages, 2 (2):12. pp. 1-14. ISSN 2306-5710 (Online) (doi:10.3390/beverages2020012)

Forsythe, Lora, Nyamanda, Mala, Mbachi Mwangwela, Agnes and Bennett, Ben (2015) Beliefs, taboos and minor crop value chains: the case of Bambara Groundnut in Malawi. Food, Culture and Society, 18 (3). pp. 501-517. ISSN 1552-8014 (Print), 1751-7443 (Online) (doi:10.1080/15528014.2015.1043112)

Abdulsalam-Saghir, P. B., Bennett, Ben, Quaye, W., Phu Tu, Viet, Sanni, L. O. and Martin, Adrienne (2015) Gender analysis of households' decision-making to reduce post-harvest losses of cassava in Ghana, Nigeria, and Vietnam. Food Chain, 5 (1-2). pp. 53-70. ISSN 2046-1879 (Print), 2046-1887 (Online) (doi:10.3362/2046-1887.2015.014)

Naziri, Diego, Rich, Karl M. and Bennett, Ben (2015) Would a commodity-based trade approach improve market access for Africa? A case study of the potential of beef exports from communal areas of Namibia. Development Policy Review, 33 (2). pp. 195-219. ISSN 0950-6764 (Print), 1467-7679 (Online) (doi:10.1111/dpr.12098)

Naziri, Diego, Quaye, Wilhelmina, Siwoku, Bernard, Wanlapatit, Sittichoke, Viet Phu, Tu and Bennett, Ben (2014) The diversity of postharvest losses in cassava value chains in selected developing countries. Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, 115 (2). pp. 111-123. ISSN 1612-9830 (Print), 2363-6033 (Online)

Bechoff, Aurélie, Cissé, Mady, Fliedel, Geneviève, Declemy, Anne-Laure, Ayessou, Nicolas, Akissoe, Noel, Touré, Cheikh, Bennett, Ben, Pintado, Manuela, Pallet, Dominique and Tomlins, Keith (2013) Relationships between anthocyanins and other compounds and sensory acceptability of Hibiscus drinks. Food Chemistry, 140 (1). ISSN 0308-8146 (doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2013.09.132)

Hodges, Rick, Bennett, Ben, Bernard, Marc and Rembold, Felix (2013) Tackling post-harvest cereal losses in sub-Saharan Africa. Rural 21: The International Journal for Rural Development, 47 (1). pp. 16-18. ISSN 1866-8011

Naziri, Diego and Bennett, Ben (2012) Private voluntary standards in livestock and meat sectors: Implications for developing countries. Food Chain, 2 (1). pp. 64-85. ISSN 2046-1879 (Print), 2046-1887 (Online) (doi:10.3362/2046-1887.2012.006)

Bennett, Ben, Cooper, Jerry and Dobson, Hans (2010) We know where the shoe pinches: a case study-based analysis of the social benefits of pesticides. Outlook on Agriculture, 39 (2). pp. 79-87. ISSN 0030-7270 (Print), 2043-6866 (Online) (doi:10.5367/000000010791745420)

Book Section

Bennett, Ben (2014) Linking natural product producer & processor organisations to natural product enterprises: a discussion of past, present and future models. Indigenous Plant Products in Namibia. Venture Publications, Windhoek, Namibia, pp. 134-141. ISBN 9789991685267


Bennett, Ben (2006) Foreign direct investment in South Africa: how big is Southern Africa’s natural product opportunity and what trade issues impede sectoral development? Trade @ work . The Regional Trade Facilitation Programme, Pretoria, South Africa, pp. 1-112. ISBN 0-621-36528-9

Edited Book

Bennett, Ben (ed.) (2015) Guest editorial: Smallholder cassava production and the cassava processing sector in Africa. Food Chain, 5 (1-2). Practical Action Publishing. ISSN 2046-1879 (Print), 2046-1877 (Online)

Conference or Conference Paper

Priebe, Jan and Bennett, Ben (2015) A “Facebook” for cassava processing equipment – digital marketing support for small-scale cassava equipment manufacturers in West and Central Africa. In: World Congress on Root and Tuber Crops - WCRTC, 18 - 22 Jaunary 2016, Nanning, Guangxi, China.


Sachdeva, Paramjit S., Edmeades, Gregory O., Mumm, Rita H., Rafalski, Antoni and Bennett, Ben (2014) Report of the final external review of the Generation Challenge Programme. Technical Report. Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), Rome, Italy.

Zorya, Sergiy, Morgan, Nancy, Diaz Rios, Luz, Hodges, Rick, Bennett, Ben, Stathers, Tanya, Mwebaze, Paul and Lamb, John (2011) Missing food: the case of postharvest grain losses in sub-Saharan Africa. Technical Report. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank, Washington DC, USA.

Bennett, Ben (2006) Fair trade or foul: using value chain analysis to understand power and governance in the Southern African Devil’s Claw industry. Project Report. Regional Trade Facilitation Programme / Natural Resources Institute, London, UK.

Bennett, Ben (2006) Natural products: the new engine for African trade growth. Technical Report. Regional Trade Facilitation Programme / Natural Resources Institute.

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