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Items where Greenwich Author is "Lambirth, Andrew"

Items where Greenwich Author is "Lambirth, Andrew"

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Accelerated degrees, Undergraduate programmes, Education, Teaching

Cabral, Ana and Lambirth, Andrew (2017) Accelerated degrees in education: a new profile, alternative access to teaching or part of a re-tooling process? Journal of Further and Higher Education, 42 (6). pp. 742-755. ISSN 0309-877X (Print), 1469-9486 (Online) (doi:

Action Research; Teachers

Lambirth, Andrew, Cabral, Ana, Jenkins, Elizabeth, Smith, Hannah, Apsey, Isobel and Marandure, Termaine (2016) Action research projects 2015-2016: Teachers’ reports - Boxgrove Alliance. Project Report. University of Greenwich.

Lambirth, Andrew, Cabral, Ana, Church, Elizabeth, Pickford, Emma, Pirittijarvi, Kara, Thesher, Rosie, Gibson, Kerry, Archer, Toni and Higgins, Claire (2016) Action research projects 2015-2016: Teachers’ reports - Royal Greenwich Teaching School Alliance. Project Report. University of Greenwich.

Lambirth, Andrew, Cabral, Ana, Sheppey, Julie, Rothwell, Daisy, Botham, Allison, Cawte, Julie, Tomlinson, Suzanne and Constantinou, Yanoula (2015) Action research projects 2014-2015: Teachers’ reports - Royal Greenwich Teaching School Alliance (RGTSA). Project Report. University of Greenwich.

Dialogic space theory; Power; Democracy; Politics; Power

Lambirth, Andrew, Bruce, Tina, Clough, Peter, Nutbrown, Cathy and David, Tricia (2015) Dialogic space theory. In: David, Tricia, Goouch, Kathy and Powell, Sasha, (eds.) The Routledge International Handbook of Philosophies and Theories of Early Childhood Education and Care. Routledge International Handbooks . Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 165-175. ISBN 978138022812

Mentor, NQT, Bourdieu, assessment of professional practice, teaching practice

Betteney, Mark, Barnard, Jane and Lambirth, Andrew (2018) Mentor, colleague, co-learner and judge: using Bourdieu to evaluate the motivations of mentors of Newly Qualified Teachers. European Journal of Teacher Education, 41 (4). pp. 433-447. ISSN 0261-9768 (Print), 1469-5928 (Online) (doi:

Michael Rosen, poetry, poetry for children

Lambirth, Andrew (2006) A ripple that ruffled feathers: an appreciation of 30 years of Michael Rosen's poetry for children. Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education, 13 (1). pp. 45-54. ISSN 1358-684X (Print), 1469-3585 (Online) (doi:

Poetry classroom teaching

Dymoke, Sue, Lambirth, Andrew, Wilson, Anthony and Barrs, Myra (eds.) (2015) Making Poetry Happen: Transforming the Poetry Classroom. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781472508058

Primary Curriculum Creative

Driscoll, Patricia, Lambirth, Andrew and Roden, Judith (eds.) (2015) The Primary Curriculum: a Creative Approach. Sage, London. ISBN 9781473903647

Teacher researcher; Teaching school alliances; School– university partnership

Lambirth, Andrew and Cabral, Ana (2016) Issues of agency, discipline and criticality: an interplay of challenges involved in teachers engaging in research in a performative school context. Educational Action Research, 25 (4). pp. 650-666. ISSN 0965-0792 (Print), 1747-5074 (Online) (doi:

Writing; Discourse; Language; Ideology; Learning

Lambirth, Andrew (2016) Exploring children's discourses of writing. English in Education, 50 (3). pp. 215-233. ISSN 0425-0494 (Print), 1754-8845 (Online) (doi:

action research, teachers, professional development

Lambirth, Andrew, Cabral, Ana and McDonald, Roger (2019) Transformational professional development: (re)claiming agency and change (in the margins). Teacher Development, 23 (3). pp. 387-405. ISSN 1366-4530 (Print), 1747-5120 (Online) (doi:

appropriateness, cultural relay, ground rules, ideology, sociology

Lambirth, Andrew (2009) Ground rules for talk: The acceptable face of prescription. The Curriculum Journal, 20 (4). pp. 423-435. ISSN 0958-5176 (Print), 1469-3704 (Online) (doi:

class, consciousness, power, identity, motivation, teach

Lambirth, Andrew (2010) Class consciousness, power, identity, and the motivation to teach. Power and Education, 2 (2). pp. 209-222. ISSN 1757-7438 (doi:

culture, ground rules, ideological, literacy, social reproduction, sociocultural, talk

Lambirth, Andrew (2006) Challenging the laws of talk: ground rules, social reproduction and the curriculum. Curriculum Journal, 17 (1). pp. 59-71. ISSN 0958-5176 (Print), 1469-3704 (Online) (doi:

early reading, phonics, creative, literacy

Goouch, Kathy and Lambirth, Andrew (2011) Teaching early reading and phonics: creative approaches to early literacy. SAGE Publications Ltd, London, UK. ISBN 9781849204224 (pbk), 9781849204217 (hbk), 9781446247853 (ebk)

film, teacher-education, social reproduction, pedagogy, ideology

Fox, Kenneth and Lambirth, Andrew (2012) Film and pedagogy: Learning about teaching at the movies. In: Bahloul, Maher and Graham, Carolyn, (eds.) Lights! Camera! Action and the Brain: The Use of Film in Education. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, pp. 61-81. ISBN 9781443836579

literacy, Left, Marxism, social democratic

Lambirth, Andrew (2011) Literacy on the left: Reform and revolution. Continuum International Publishing Group, London, UK. ISBN 9781441106988

literacy, politics,

Lambirth, Andrew and Soler, Janet (2011) Literacy. Literacy, 45 (3). pp. 101-102. ISSN 1741-4369 (doi:

literacy, primary curriculum, education, creativity

Lambirth, Andrew (2011) An introduction to literacy. In: Driscoll, Patricia, Lambirth, Andrew and Roden, Judith, (eds.) The Primary Curriculum: A Creative Approach. SAGE Publications Ltd, London, UK, pp. 1-22. ISBN 9781849205962 (hbk), 9781849205979 (pbk)

poetry, children’s literature, social reproduction, control, middle class struggle

Lambirth, Andrew (2007) Poetry under control: social reproduction strategies and children’s literature. English in Education, 41 (3). pp. 94-107. ISSN 0425-0494 (doi:

poetry, pedagogy

Dymoke, Sue, Lambirth, Andrew and Wilson, Anthony (eds.) (2013) Making poetry matter: International research on poetry pedagogy. Bloomsbury Academic, London / New York. ISBN 9781441101471

poetry, pedagogy, children

Lambirth, Andrew, Smith, Sarah and Steele, Susanna (2013) Responding to children's poetry. In: Dymoke, Sue, Lambirth, Andrew and Wilson, Anthony, (eds.) Making Poetry Matter: International Research on Poetry Pedagogy. Bloomsbury Academic, London / New York, pp. 84-95. ISBN 9781441101471

primary curriculum, creative

Driscoll, Patricia, Lambirth, Andrew and Roden, Judith (2011) The primary curriculum: a creative approach. SAGE Publications Ltd, London, UK. ISBN 9781849205962 (hbk), 9781849205979 (pbk)

teaching poetry, personal and professional pleasures, social dimensions of poetry, Literacy Subject Leaders

Lambirth, Andrew, Smith, Sarah and Steele, Susanna (2012) "Poetry is happening but I don’t exactly know how": Literacy Subject Leaders' perceptions of poetry in their primary schools. Literacy, 46 (2). pp. 73-80. ISSN 1741-4350 (Print), 1741-4369 (Online) (doi:

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