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Coulter, J.A., McCarthy, H.O., Worthington, J., Robson, T., Scott, S. and Hirst, D.G. (2008) The radiation-inducible pE9 promoter driving inducible nitric oxide synthase radiosensitizes hypoxic tumour cells to radiation. Gene Therapy, 15 (7). pp. 495-503. ISSN 0969-7128 (Print), 1476-5462 (Online) (doi:


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Worthington, J., Robson, T., Scott, S. and Hirst, D. (2005) Evaluation of a synthetic CArG promoter for nitric oxide synthase gene therapy of cancer. Gene Therapy, 12 (19). pp. 1417-1423. ISSN 0969-7128 (Print), 1476-5462 (Online) (doi:

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