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Items where Greenwich Author is "Hansjee, Dharinee"

Items where Greenwich Author is "Hansjee, Dharinee"

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Knowledge Exchange; chronic illness; Gait; cardio vascular; IBD; diabetes; swallowing difficulties; user involvement

Markowski, Marianne ORCID: 0000-0003-4652-3168 , Rivoal, Dominique, Dibley, Lesley ORCID: 0000-0001-7964-7672 , Patchay, Sandhiran ORCID: 0000-0002-7013-8940 , Ojo, Omorogieva ORCID: 0000-0003-0071-3652 , Hansjee, Dharinee and Adjaye-Gbewonyo, Kafui ORCID: 0000-0002-8919-6518 (2023) Living well with chronic illness: a 10-minute summary video of the Knowledge Exchange event. [Video]

aspiration, dysphagia. risk feeding, dementia

Hansjee, Dharinee (2018) An acute model of care to guide eating and drinking decisions in the frail elderly with dementia and dysphagia. Geriatrics, 3 (4):65. ISSN 2308-3417 (Print), 2308-3417 (Online) (doi:

chin tuck against resistance; dysphagia; frailty; old age; rehabilitation; swallowing

Smithard, David G, Swaine, Ian, Ayis, Salma, Gambaruto, Alberto, Stone-Ghariani, Aoife, Hansjee, Dharinee, Kulnik, Stefan T, Kyberd, Peter J ORCID: 0000-0001-9022-6748 , Lloyd-Dehler, Elizabeth and Oliff, William (2022) Chin tuck against resistance exercise with feedback to improve swallowing, eating and drinking in frail older people admitted to hospital with pneumonia: protocol for a feasibility randomised controlled study. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 8:105. ISSN 2055-5784 (Online) (doi:

choking, dysphagia, aspiration, risk

Hansjee, Dharinee (2019) Five fundamental Ms: cutting aspiration risk in dementia and dysphagia patients. Nursing Times, 115 (4). pp. 38-41. ISSN 0954-7762 (Print), 0954-7762 (Online)

colonisation; critical conversations; decoloniality; speech and language therapy

Pillay, Mershen, Kathard, Harsha, Hansjee, Dharinee, Smith, Christina, Spencer, Sarah, Suphi, Aydan, Tempest, Ali and Thiel, Lindsey (2023) Decoloniality and healthcare higher education: critical conversations. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1368-2822 (Print), 1460-6984 (Online) (doi:

dementia; swallowing; choice

Hansjee, Dharinee (2022) Addressing choices and preferences of individuals with dementia and swallowing difficulties. In: Gauthier, Serge, Webster, Claire, Servaes, Stijn, Morais, José A. and Rosa-Neto, Pedro, (eds.) World Alzheimer Report 2022 Life after diagnosis: Navigating treatment, care and support. Reports & resources . Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI), London and Illinois; McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, pp. 233-234.

dysphagia, care home, covert administration, charter

Morris, Jacqueline, Hollwey, Frances, Hansjee, Dharinee, Power, Rachel, Griffith, Richard, Longmore, Timothy, Smithard, David, Dann-Reed, Eleanor and Wright, David (2018) Pilot of a charter to improve management of medicines and oral care for residents with dysphagia in care homes. Geriatrics, 3 (4):78. ISSN 2308-3417 (Print), 2308-3417 (Online) (doi:

dysphagia, medicines, administration

Hansjee, Dharinee, Smithard, David, Wright, David and Hansjee, Dharinee (2022) Ensuring medicines administration safety in older adults with dysphagia. Nursing Times, 118 (1). pp. 27-31. ISSN 0954-7762 (Print), 0954-7762 (Online)

dysphagia, nutrition, frailty, sarcopenia

Smithard, David, Hansjee, Dharinee, Henry, Darrien, Mitchell, Laura, Sabaharwal, Arjun, Salkeld, Jo, Yeung, Eirene, Younus, Osman and Swaine, Ian ORCID: 0000-0002-3747-1370 (2020) Inter-relationships between frailty, sarcopenia, undernutrition and dysphagia in older people who are admitted to acute frailty and medical wards: is there an older adult quartet? Geriatrics, 5 (3):41. ISSN 2308-3417 (Print), 2308-3417 (Online) (doi:

dysphagia, risk, shared decision making

Hansjee, Dharinee, Burch, Nicola, Campbell, Louise, Crawford, Hannah, Crowder, Ruth, Garrett, Dawn, Harp, Katie, Howells, Gareth, Morris, Jackie, Pascoe, Kath, Rochford, Andrew, Ruck Keen, Alex, Slater, Theresa, Smith, Alison, Smithard, David and Stanier, Jan (2021) Eating and drinking With acknowledged risks: multidisciplinary team guidance for the shared decision-making process (adults). [Working Paper]

dysphagia; risk; readmissions

Hansjee, Dharinee and Smithard, David (2019) The risk feeding model of care: impact on length of stay readmissions. In: "Dysphagia Research Society 26th Anniversary Annual Meeting March 15–17, 2018 Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland". Dysphagia, 34 . Springer, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 416-474. ISSN 0179-051X (Print), 1432-0460 (Online) (doi:

risk feeding, dysphagia

Hansjee, Dharinee (2013) Risk feeding: from protocol to model of care. RCSLT Bulletin. pp. 20-21. ISSN 1466-173X (Print), 1466-173X (Online)

risk; dysphagia; pneumonia

Hansjee, Dharinee (2013) A safer approach to risk feeding. RCSLT Bulletin, 2013 (Feb). pp. 20-21. ISSN 1466-173X

risk; dysphagia; protocol

Hansjee, Dharinee (2017) Poster presentation: a safer approach to risk feeding, implementation. In: "6th ESSD Congress Milan 2016 Abstract Book". Dysphagia, 32 . Springer, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 126-207. ISSN 0179-051X (Print), 1432-0460 (Online) (doi:

Hansjee, Dharinee (2015) Risk feeding: the story continues. RCSLT Bulletin, 2015 (Sep). pp. 16-17. ISSN 1466-173X

risk; dysphagia; terminology

Hansjee, Dharinee and Sampson, Helen (2019) Risk assessment: a consultation on the term 'risk feeding'. RCSLT Bulletin, 2019 (Jan). pp. 16-17. ISSN 1466-173X

swallow screen, dysphagia, 4QT, frail

Tsang, Kawai, Lau, Esther, Shazra, Mariyam, Eyres, Ruth, Hansjee, Dharinee and Smithard, David (2020) A new simple screening tool—4QT: can it identify those with swallowing problems? A pilot study. Geriatrics, 5 (1):11. ISSN 2308-3417 (Print), 2308-3417 (Online) (doi:

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