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Items where Greenwich Author is "Athique Winterbottom, Anushka"

Items where Greenwich Author is "Athique Winterbottom, Anushka"

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COP26; teach; climate change; landscape architecture

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka, Parsons, Charlotte, Hoult, Gemma, Rajmont, L and Basley, Silas (2021) Class of 2030. Learning net zero: social change or artistic discipline. Landscape Journal, 2021 (4). pp. 19-20. ISSN 0277-2426 (Print), 1553-2704 (Online)

biopolitics; Calais Jungle; counter-cartography; ethnography; landscape architecture; mapping, necropolitics; testing ground

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka, Haendler, Jens and Ioannou, Alex (2019) Weaponised landscapes: mapping the Calais "Jungle". In: Wall, Edward Duncan and Malaescu, Alex, (eds.) Testing Ground 02: Other Sides. Testing Ground 02, United Kingdom, pp. 17-25. ISBN 1071279467; 978-1071279465

collective, landscape, symposium,

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka, Goodwin, Duncan ORCID: 0000-0003-2524-9059 , Liu, Alexis and Wall, Edward Duncan (2023) Collective Landscape Futures symposium. In: Collective Landscape Futures symposium. 18th -19th May 2023. University of Greenwich, London. University of Greenwich, London.

drawing; mapping; participatory action research; Thames; way finding

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka (2019) Here I am. [Show/Exhibition]

equality; diversity; inclusion

Papadaki, Elena ORCID: 0000-0002-6653-4334 , Milliken, Sarah ORCID: 0000-0001-7151-8753 , Lammin, Hannah ORCID: 0000-0002-9752-9335 , Athique Winterbottom, Anushka, McArthur, Angela, Rabourdin, Caroline ORCID: 0000-0002-9694-0384 and Isa, Susanne (2023) Embedding equality, diversity and inclusion in the curriculum. In: SHIFT 2023 conference, 11th - 12th January 2023, London, University of Greenwich. (Unpublished)

forest; bodies; ecologies; embodiment

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka (2023) Forest bodies: a walk with the forest (video). [Show/Exhibition]

forest; bodies; ecologies; walking; embodiment

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka (2023) Forest bodies: we are forest (book). [Artefact]

landscape race; ethics; environmental crisis

Eyborg, Elin, Gandy, Matthew, Ma, Cong, Erwee, Alex, Hoult, Gemma, Athique Winterbottom, Anushka and Angell, Roo (2023) The Gardener not the Garden. [Performance]

Sandy, Will, Gomez-Mont, Gabriella, Rajmont, Lenny, Silva Salinas, Maria E, Allison, Ruby, Athique Winterbottom, Anushka and Angell, Roo (2023) Growth and climate: the ethics of design. [Performance]

landscape race; gender; extraction; environmental crisis

Reeves, Frances, Cullum-Fernandez, Kris, Kombol, Meaghan, McGann, Paul, Khonsari, Torange, Athique Winterbottom, Anushka and Angell, Roo (2022) Citizenships. [Performance]

Gillingwater, Alan, Wilson, Henry, Johar, Indy, Gibbons, Johanna, Goldsmith, Simon, Athique Winterbottom, Anushka and Angell, Roo (2022) Oikos = Eco = Our Home. [Performance]

Hugin, Amund, Geros, Christina, Wall, Edward Duncan, Botchway, Larry, Jawareesh, Wattan, Athique Winterbottom, Anushka and Angell, Roo (2022) Intersectional Landscapes. [Performance]

Lakhani, Dilip, Guzzon, Giacomo, Datoo, Iman, Vessey, Samuel, Searle, Sui, Athique Winterbottom, Anushka and Angell, Roo (2022) Native Species. [Performance]

landscape; race; access; design

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka, Angell, Roo, Dixit, Mitesh, Paulson, Theo, Wilder, Pete and Heaven, Bryony (2024) Technical Solutionism. [Performance]

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka, Angell, Roo, Belfield, Andrew, Gibson, Naomi ORCID: 0009-0003-0309-1905 , O'Callaghan, Mattie and Woodgate, Zanna (2024) How Public is Public? [Performance]

public space; programming; covid; publicness; parking, cycling

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka (2020) Watch this space: stop parking, start cycling. Landscape Journal, 2020 (4). pp. 7-8. ISSN 0277-2426 (Print), 1553-2704 (Online)

roundtable, landscape, landscape architecture, landscape injustices, environmental crises, climate change

Athique Winterbottom, Anushka and Angell, Roo (2023) Collective Landscape Future Roundtables (CLFR). In: Collective Landscape Future Roundtables, 2022-2023. (Unpublished)

somatic; body; embodiment; cities; architecture; guidebook

Auxiliadora Gálvez, María, Boljsakov, Natalija, Ruíz, María, Parte, Carmen, Athique Winterbottom, Anushka, Castiajo, Carla, Jiménez Mazuelas, Chus, Conti, Elisabetta, Pina, Ema, Bernardes, Joana, van Gelder, Lotte, Barreira, Luísa, Natário, Natário, Paulos, Manuela, Pais Oliveira, Marta, Leroy, Najla, Pinto, Sofia and Santos, Sofia (2023) Expansion - Into the wild: a guide for bodies and the cities they create. In: Gálvez, María Auxiliadora, (ed.) Ping! Ginecue + Estigma: Into the Wild. Galeria Municipal do Porto, Porto, pp. 10-11.

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