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Items where Faculty / Department / Research Groups is "Faculty of Engineering & Science > Natural Resources Institute > Agricultural Biosecurity Research Group"

Items where Faculty / Department / Research Groups is "Faculty of Engineering & Science > Natural Resources Institute > Agricultural Biosecurity Research Group"

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Trigg, Simon and Farahidy, Izzat, (eds.) (1996) Proceedings of workshop on direct reception of satellite data for integrated and sustainable environmental monitoring in Indonesia. Natural Resources Institute, Chatham, UK. ISBN 979-9503825

Bonnet, Julien, Pennetier, Cédric, Duchon, Stéphane, Lapied, Bruno and Corbel, Vincent (2009) Multi-function oxidases are responsible for the synergistic interactions occurring between repellents and insecticides in mosquitoes. Parasites & Vectors, 2 (17). ISSN 1756-3305 (doi:10.1186/1756-3305-2-17)

Cheke, Robert A., Adranyi, Enoch, Cox, John R., Farman, Dudley I., Magoma, Richard N., Mbereki, Collen, McWilliam, Andrew N., Mtobesya, Boaz N. and van der Walt, Etienne (2012) Soil contamination and persistence of pollutants following organophosphate sprays and explosions to control red-billed quelea (Quelea quelea). Pest Management Science, 69 (3). pp. 386-396. ISSN 1526-498X (doi:10.1002/ps.3311)

Collins, Carl, Maruthi, M N and Jahn, Courtney E. (2015) CYCD3 D-type cyclins regulate cambial cell proliferation and secondary growth inArabidopsis. Journal of Experimental Botany, 66 (15). pp. 4595-4606. ISSN 0022-0957 (Print), 1460-2431 (Online) (doi:10.1093/jxb/erv218)

Haggis, Margaret J. (1984) Distribution, frequency of attack and seasonal incidence of the African armyworm Spodoptera exempta (Walk.) (Lep.: Noctuidae), with particular reference to Africa and southwestern Arabia. Tropical Development and Research Institute (TDRI), London, UK. ISBN 0851351395

Hillocks, Roderick J. and Maruthi, Midatharahally M. (2015) Post-harvest impact of cassava brown streak disease in four countries in eastern Africa. Food Chain, 5 (1-2). pp. 116-122. ISSN 2046-1879 (Print), 2045-1887 (Online) (doi:10.3362/2046-1887.2015.008)

Hillocks, Rory, Maruthi, Midatharahally, Kulembeka, Heneriko, Jeremiah, Simon, Alacho, Francis, Masinde, Emily, Ogendo, Joshua, Arama, Peter, Mulwa, Richard, Mkamilo, Geoffrey, Kimata, Bernadetta, Mwakanyamale, Davis, Mhone, Albert and Benesi, Ibrahim (2015) Disparity between leaf and root symptoms and crop losses associated with cassava brown streak disease in four countries in eastern Africa. Journal Of Phytopathology, 164 (2). pp. 86-93. ISSN 0931-1785 (Print), 1439-0434 (Online) (doi:10.1111/jph.12430)

Maruthi, M.N. Signatures in the whitefly Bemisia tabaci Q1 genome suggest a proclivity to adapt to agricultural ecosystems that mimic its Mediterranean-Sahelian endemism. Nature Communications. ISSN 2041-1723 (Submitted)

Maruthi, M.N., Jeremiah, C. S., Mohammed, I. U. and Legg, J. P. (2016) Virus-vector relationships and the role of whiteflies, Bemisia tabaci, and farmer practices in the spread of cassava brown streak viruses. Phytopathology. ISSN 0031-949X (Submitted)

Masinde, Emily Atieno, Ogendo, Joshua Ondura, Maruthi, Midatharahally. N., Hillocks, Rory, Mulwa, Richard M.S. and Arama, Peter Futi (2016) Occurrence and estimated losses caused by cassava brown streak disease in Migori county, Kenya. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 11 (24):12A8CE958959. pp. 2064-2074. ISSN 1991-637X (doi:10.5897/AJAR2016.10786)

Mohammed, I. U., Ghosh, Saptarshi and Maruthi, M.N. (2016) Host and virus effects on reversion in cassava affected by cassava brown streak disease. Plant Pathology, 65 (4). pp. 593-600. ISSN 0032-0862 (Print), 1365-3059 (Online) (doi:10.1111/ppa.12458)

Morgounov, Alexey, Tufan, Hale Ann, Sharma, Ram, Akin, Beyhan, Bagci, Ahmet, Braun, Hans-Joachim, Kaya, Yuksel, Keser, Mesut, Payne, Thomas S., Sonder, Kai and McIntosh, Robert (2012) Global incidence of wheat rusts and powdery mildew during 1969-2010 and durability of resistance of winter wheat variety Bezostaya 1. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 132 (3). pp. 323-340. ISSN 0929-1873 (Print), 1573-8469 (Online) (doi:10.1007/s10658-011-9879-y)

Otti, Gerald, Bouvaine, Sophie, Kimata, Bernadetha, Mkamillo, Geoffrey, Kumar, Lava, Tomlins, Keith and Maruthi, M.N. (2016) High throughput multiplex real time PCR assay for the simultaneous quantification of DNA and RNA viruses infecting cassava plants. Journal Of Applied Microbiology (Online first). ISSN 1364-5072 (Print), 1365-2672 (Online) (doi:10.1111/jam.13043)

Overfield, Duncan and Phiri, Noah (1997) An investigation of pesticide and microbial interactions on coffee as a means of developing an IPM strategy for economically important coffee pests in small-holder farming systems in Malawi. [Working Paper]

Qureshi, Athar, Rapajic, Predrag and Demaiter, Lysander (2016) Modern human machine interface in industrial wireless networks. International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science & Technology, 17 (3). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1473-804x (Print), 1473-8031 (Online) (In Press) (doi:10.5013/IJSSST.a.16.01.03)

Reynolds, Don R., Reynolds, Andrew M. and Chapman, Jason W. (2014) Non-volant modes of migration in terrestrial arthropods. Animal Migration, 2 (1). pp. 8-28. ISSN 2084-8838 (doi:10.2478/ami-2014-0002)

Tang, Sanyi, Liang, Juhua, Xiao, Yanni and Cheke, Robert A. (2012) Sliding bifurcations of Filippov two stage pest control models with economic thresholds. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 72 (4). pp. 1061-1080. ISSN 0036-1399 (Print), 1095-712X (Online) (doi:10.1137/110847020)

Tufan, Hale A., Stefanato, Francesca L., McGrann, Graham R. D., MacCormack, Ruth and Boyd, Lesley A. (2011) The Barley stripe mosaic virus system used for virus-induced gene silencing in cereals differentially affects susceptibility to fungal pathogens in wheat. Journal of Plant Physiology, 168 (9). pp. 990-994. ISSN 0176-1617 (doi:10.1016/j.jplph.2010.11.019)

Tyler, Peter and Harding, Steve (1995) A guide to appropriate technologies for small-scale storage of grain in Sub-Saharan Africa. Technical Report. Natural Resources Institute, Chatham, UK.

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