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Items where Faculty / Department / Research Groups is "Pre-2014 University Structure > School of Humanities & Social Sciences > English Research Group"

Items where Faculty / Department / Research Groups is "Pre-2014 University Structure > School of Humanities & Social Sciences > English Research Group"

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Morton, John (2016) Science in neo-Victorian poetry. Victoriographies, 6 (2). pp. 131-146. ISSN 2044-2416 (Print), 2044-2424 (Online) (doi:10.3366/vic.2016.0228)


King, Andrew (2015) Ouida (Marie Louise Ramé). In: Feluga, Dino, Gilbert, Pamela and Hughes, Linda K., (eds.) The Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature. Wiley-Blackwell, Hoboken, New Jersey. ISBN 9781118405383 (doi:10.1111/b.9781118405383.2015.x)

King, Andrew (2015) Review of Eugenia M. Palmegiano. Perceptions of the Press in Nineteenth-Century British Periodicals: a Bibliography. London and New York: Anthem Press, 2013. Dickens Quarterly, 32 (1). pp. 79-81. ISSN 0742-5473 (Print), 2169-5377 (Online) (doi:10.1353/dqt.2015.0001)

King, Andrew (2015) The ideal reader: Nineteenth-century women's transatlantic fiction, love, knowledge and silence. In: American Studies Research Seminar, 22 April, 2015, University of East Anglia, UK. (Unpublished)


Jordan, Jane and King, Andrew (2014) How to read Ouida:"A Dog of Flanders". In: Lecture presenting Ouida and Victorian Popular Culture, 26 Feb 2014, University of Kingson, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, UK. (Unpublished)

King, Andrew (2014) If it doesn't hurt it isn't real: realism, Dickens, journalism. In: Public lecture series, 3-12 Nov 2014, University of Macerata, Italy. (Unpublished)

King, Andrew (2014) New women, new publishing? Women and print culture 1890-1914. In: Public lecture series, 3-12 Nov 2014, University of Macerata, Italy. (Unpublished)

King, Andrew (2014) Ouida: journalism, cosmopolitanism and the aesthetics of place. In: RSVP 2014: Places, Spaces, and the Victorian Periodical Press, 12-13 Sep 2014, University of Delaware, DE, USA. (Unpublished)

King, Andrew (2014) Ouida’s Marble Faun: Gender, myth and the persistence of sympathy. In: HawthornEurope: Transatlantic Conversations, 22-24 Oct 2014, University of Macerata, Italy. (Unpublished)

King, Andrew (2014) Sex and the city: Victorian women, power, periodicals and shopping. In: Public lecture series, 3-12 Nov 2014, University of Macerata, Italy. (Unpublished)

King, Andrew (2014) The vicissitudes of biography; or, how to welcome an Other - Le vicissitudini del raccontare una vita; o come accogliere un Altro. In: Visiting Scholar Open Day, 11 November, 2014, University of Macerata, Italy.


Morton, John S. (2013) “No one remembers you at all”: Mick Imlah and Alan Hollinghurst ventriloquising Tennyson. Neo-Victorian Studies, 6 (1). pp. 22-40. ISSN 1757-9481

Morton, John S. (2013) Robert Browning and Mick Imlah: Forming and collecting the dramatic monologue. Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies, 18 (3). pp. 84-98. ISSN 1327-8746

Rand, Gavin (2013) Reconstructing the imperial military after the rebellion. In: Bates, Crispin and Rand, Gavin, (eds.) Military Aspects of the Indian Uprising. Mutiny at the Margins: New Perspectives on the Indian Uprising of 1857 (IV). SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India. ISBN 9788132110538

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Smyth, Cherry (2012) Test, orange. Pindrop Press, Tonbridge, UK. ISBN 9780956782274


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Jones, Emrys D. (2011) Royal ruptures: Caroline of Ansbach and the politics of illness in the 1730s. Medical Humanities, 37 (1). pp. 13-17. ISSN 1468-215X (Print), 1473-4265 (Online) (doi:10.1136/jmh.2010.005819)


Bavidge, Jenny (2010) Rats, floods, and flowers: London's gothicized nature. In: Phillips, Lawrence and Witchard, Anne, (eds.) London gothic: place, space and the gothic imagination. Continuum Literary Studies . Continuum, London, pp. 103-119. ISBN 9781441106827

Lee, Adele (2010) 'Chop-socky Shakespeare'?!: The Bard onscreen in Hong Kong. Shakespeare Bulletin, 28 (4). pp. 459-480. ISSN 0748-2558 (Print), 1931-1427 (Online) (doi:10.1353/shb.2010.0031)

Lee, Adele (2010) “Counterfeiting mandarins”: Early modern English marginality/ia in Western encounters with China. Early Modern Literary Studies, 15 (2):4. ISSN 1201-2459

Morton, John S. (2010) Remembering the Victorians: Virginia Woolf and Tennyson. In: Barnett, Ryan and Trowbridge, Serena, (eds.) Acts of memory: the Victorians and beyond. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, pp. 109-122. ISBN 9781443825672

Morton, John S. (2010) Tennyson among the novelists. Continuum Reception Studies . Continuum, London, UK. ISBN 9781441102379

Morton, John S. (2010) ‘Tennyson at 200: the bicentenary of the Victorian laureate’. Literature Compass, 7 (9). pp. 867-882. ISSN 1741-4113 (doi:10.1111/j.1741-4113.2010.00748.x)

Morton, John S. (2010) “ ‘Vex thou not the poet’s mind’: posthumous poetical forms of addressing Tennyson”. In: British Association of Victorian Studies Conference, Victorian Forms and Formations, 2-4 September 2010, University of Glasgow, Scotland. (Unpublished)

Morton, John S. (2010) The dead are not dead but alive!: Imlah and Tennyson. In: Mick Imlah: His Life and Work, 10 Dec 2010, Institute of English Studies, University of London, Senate House. (Unpublished)


Bavidge, Jenny (2009) Eco-citizens: what can urban ecocriticism of children’s literature unearth? In: Harding, Jennifer, Thiel, Elizabeth and Waller, Alison, (eds.) Deep into Nature: Ecology, Environment and Children's Literature. Pied Piper Publishing, pp. 74-83. ISBN 978-0955210693 ISSN 978 0 9552106 9

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Morton, John S. (2009) Creating "young Tennyson". In: The Tennyson Society International Bicentenary Conference: ‘The Young Tennyson, 16-20 Jul 2009, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK. (Unpublished)

Morton, John S. (2009) 'So word by word, and line by line, / The dead man touched me from the past': the afterlife of Tennyson's In Memoriam. In: Invited lecture, 16 February 2009, Bishop Grosseteste, University College Lincoln. (Unpublished)

Morton, John S. (2009) T.S. Eliot and Tennyson. In: Douglas-Fairhurst, Robert and Perry, Seamus, (eds.) Tennyson Among the Poets: Bicentenary Essays. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 375-389. ISBN 9780199557134

Morton, John S. (2009) Tennyson and youth. In: School of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Conference, 28 May 2009, University of Greenwich, London, UK. (Unpublished)


Bavidge, Jenny (2008) Exhibiting childhood: E. Nesbit and the Children's Welfare Exhibitions. In: Gavin, Adrienne E. and Humphries, Andrew F., (eds.) Childhood in Edwardian Fiction: Worlds Enough and Time. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, uk, pp. 125-142. ISBN 9780230221611

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Morton, John S. (2007) Reviews: Tennyson and Victorian Periodicals by Kathryn Ledbetter. Times Literary Supplement (5444). p. 22. ISSN 0307-661X


Morton, John S. (2006) Tennyson and the Great War. Tennyson Research Bulletin, 8 (5). pp. 353-368.

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