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Items where Author is "Tee, Kong Fah"

Items where Author is "Tee, Kong Fah"

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Ekpiwhre, E. O. and Tee, Kong Fah (2018) Reliability based maintenance methodology for sustainable transport asset management. Pollack Periodica, 13 (1). pp. 99-112. ISSN 1788-1994 (Print), 1788-3911 (Online) (doi:10.1556/606.2018.13.1.9)

Tee, Kong Fah, Ebenuwa, A. U. and Zhang, Y. (2018) Fuzzy-based robustness assessment of buried pipelines. Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice, 9 (1). ISSN 1949-1190 (Print), 1949-1204 (Online) (doi:10.1061/(ASCE)PS.1949-1204.0000304)

Li, Yi, Tian, Xiang, Tee, Kong Fah, Li, Qiu-Sheng and Li, Yong-Gui (2017) Aerodynamic treatments for reduction of wind loads on high-rise buildings. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 172. pp. 107-115. ISSN 0167-6105 (doi:10.1016/j.jweia.2017.11.006)

Tee, Kong Fah, Ekpiwhre, E. O. and Zhang, Y. (2017) Degradation modelling and life expectancy using Markov chain model for carriageway. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management. ISSN 0265-671X (In Press)

Pesinis, Konstantinos and Tee, Kong Fah (2017) Statistical model and structural reliability analysis for onshore gas transmission pipelines. Engineering Failure Analysis, 82. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1350-6307 (doi:10.1016/j.engfailanal.2017.08.008)

Yue, Longwang and Tee, Kong Fah (2017) Innovative design of pneumatic conveying and foreign substance cleaning and dust removal system. Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1448-4846 (Print), 2204-2253 (Online) (doi:10.1080/14484846.2017.1359459)

Toygar, M. Evren, Tee, Kong Fah, Maleki, Farshid Khosravi and Balaban, A. Cagla (2017) Experimental, analytical and numerical study of mechanical properties and fracture energy for composite sandwich beams. Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials. ISSN 1099-6362 (Print), 1530-7972 (Online) (In Press) (doi:10.1177/1099636217710003)

Fang, Yongfeng and Tee, Kong Fah (2017) Effects on surface integrity of Ti6Al4V in high speed milling. Key Engineering Materials, 737. pp. 156-161. ISSN 1013-9826 (Print), 1662-9795 (Online) (doi:10.4028/

Yue, Longwang, Tee, Kong Fah, Liu, B and Feng, T (2017) Automatic abrasive blasting system for large diameter pipe bends. International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management (IJMTM). ISSN 1368-2148 (Print), 1741-5195 (Online) (In Press)

Fang, Yongfeng and Tee, Kong Fah (2017) Structural reliability analysis using response surface method with improved genetic algorithm. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 62 (2). pp. 139-142. ISSN 1225-4568 (Print), 1598-6217 (Online) (doi:10.12989/sem.2017.62.2.139)

Tee, Kong Fah and Pesinis, Konstantinos (2017) Reliability prediction for corroding natural gas pipelines. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 65. pp. 91-105. ISSN 0886-7798 (doi:10.1016/j.tust.2017.02.009)

Fang, Yongfeng, Yan, Bin and Tee, Kong Fah (2017) Probabilistic reliability of micro-resonators with thermoelastic coupling. Earthquakes and Structures, 12 (2). pp. 213-221. ISSN 2092-7614 (doi:10.12989/eas.2017.12.2.213)

Zhang, Yi, Kim, Chul-Woo, Tee, Kong Fah and Lam, Jasmine Siu Lee (2016) Optimal sustainable life cycle maintenance strategies for port infrastructures. Journal of Cleaner Production, 142 (4). pp. 1693-1709. ISSN 0959-6526 (doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.11.120)

Tee, Kong Fah, Feng, Shilun, Fun, Juntao, Li, Jingjing and Bian, Chen (2016) Cantilever force distribution on jack-up rig. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 858. pp. 61-66. ISSN 1660-9336 (Print), 1662-7482 (Online) (doi:10.4028/

Abdul Samad, Abdul Aziz, Ali, Noorwirdawati, Mohamad, Noridah, Jayaprakash, J., Tee, Kong Fah and Mendis, Priyan (2016) Shear strengthening and shear repair of 2-Span continuous RC beams with CFRP strips. Journal of Composites for Construction, 21 (3):04016099. ISSN 1090-0268 (Print), 1943-5614 (Online) (doi:10.1061/(ASCE)CC.1943-5614.0000756)

Li, Hong-Shuang, Zhao, An-Long and Tee, Kong Fah (2016) Structural reliability analysis of multiple limit state functions using multi-input multi-output support vector machine. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 8 (10). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1687-8132 (Print), 1687-8140 (Online) (doi:10.1177/1687814016671447)

Zhang, Yi, Kim, Chul-Woo and Tee, Kong Fah (2016) Maintenance management of offshore structures using Markov process model with random transition probabilities. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 13 (8). pp. 1068-1080. ISSN 1573-2479 (Print), 1744-8980 (Online) (doi:10.1080/15732479.2016.1236393)

Esmaeeli, Esmaeel, Danesh, Fakhreddin, Tee, Kong Fah and Eshghi, Sassan (2016) A combination of GFRP sheets and steel cage for seismic strengthening of shear-deficient corner RC beam-column joints. Composite Structures, 159. pp. 206-219. ISSN 0263-8223 (doi:10.1016/j.compstruct.2016.09.064)

Fang, Yongfeng, Tao, Wenliang and Tee, Kong Fah (2016) Reliability analysis of multi-state engine units utilizing time-domain response data. Journal of Systems Science and Information, 4 (4). pp. 354-364. ISSN 1478-9906 (doi:10.21078/JSSI-2016-354-11)

Khemis, Asma, Chaouche, Abdelmadjid Hacene, Athmani, Allaeddine and Tee, Kong Fah (2016) Uncertainty effects of soil and structural properties on the buckling of flexible pipes shallowly buried in Winkler Foundation. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 59 (4). pp. 739-759. ISSN 1225-4568 (doi:10.12989/sem.2016.59.4.739)

Fang, Yongfeng, Tao, Wenliang and Tee, Kong Fah (2016) Time-domain multi-state Markov Model for engine system reliability analysis. Mechanical Engineering Journal, 3 (3):16-00084. (doi:10.1299/mej.16-00084)

Tee, Kong Fah (2016) Suitability of performance indicators and benchmarking practices in UK universities. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 23 (3). pp. 584-600. ISSN 1463-5771 (doi:10.1108/BIJ-07-2014-0069)

Fang, Yongfeng, Tee, Kong Fah and Chen, Jianjun (2016) Structural dynamic reliability evaluation under consideration of fuzzy strength and fuzzy stress. Journal of Vibration Engineering and Technologies, 4 (1). pp. 53-58. ISSN 2321-3558

Khan, Lutfor Rahman and Tee, Kong Fah (2016) Risk-cost optimization of buried pipelines using subset simulation. Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 22 (2):04016001. ISSN 1076-0342 (Print), 1943-555X (Online) (doi:10.1061/(ASCE)IS.1943-555X.0000287)

Tee, Kong Fah, Khan, Lutfor Rahman and Coolen-Maturi, Tahani (2015) Application of receiver operating characteristic curve for pipeline reliability analysis. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability, 229 (3). pp. 181-192. ISSN 1748-006X (Print), 1748-0078 (Online) (doi:10.1177/1748006X15571115)

Khan, Lutfor Rahman and Tee, Kong Fah (2015) Quantification and comparison of carbon emissions for flexible underground pipelines. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering (CJCE), 42 (10). pp. 728-736. ISSN 0315-1468 (Print), 1208-6029 (Online) (doi:10.1139/cjce-2015-0156)

Fang, Yongfeng, Xiong, Jianbin and Tee, Kong Fah (2015) Time-variant structural fuzzy reliability analysis under stochastic loads applied several times. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 55 (3). pp. 525-534. ISSN 1225-4568 (doi:10.12989/sem.2015.55.3.525)

Tee, Kong Fah, Khan, Lutfor Rahman and Li, Hongshuang (2014) Application of subset simulation in reliability estimation of underground pipelines. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 130. pp. 125-131. ISSN 0951-8320 (doi:10.1016/j.ress.2014.05.006)

Tee, Kong Fah, Khan, Lutfor Rahman, Chen, Hua-Peng and Alani, Morteza (2014) Reliability based life cycle cost optimization for underground pipeline networks. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology incorporating Trenchless Technology Research, 43. pp. 32-40. ISSN 0886-7798 (doi:10.1016/j.tust.2014.04.007)

Alani, Amir M., Faramarzi, Asaad, Mahmoodian, Mojtaba and Tee, Kong Fah (2014) Prediction of sulphide build-up in filled sewer pipes. Environmental Technology, 35 (14). pp. 1721-1728. ISSN 0959-3330 (Print), 1479-487X (Online) (doi:10.1080/09593330.2014.881403)

Tee, Kong Fah and Khan, Lutfor Rahman (2014) Reliability analysis of underground pipelines with correlation between failure modes and random variables. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability, 228 (4). pp. 362-370. ISSN 1748-006X (Print), 1748-0078 (Online) (doi:10.1177/1748006X13520145)

Fang, Yongfeng, Tao, Wenliang and Tee, Kong Fah (2014) Reliability analysis of repairable k-out-n system from time response under several times stochastic shocks. Smart Structures & Systems, 14 (4). pp. 559-567. ISSN 1738-1584 (Print), 1738-1991 (Online) (doi:10.12989/sss.2014.14.4.559)

Shi, Haijian and Tee, Kong Fah (2014) Review of design and construction of hurricane protection Barriers. International Journal of Forensic Engineering, 2 (2). pp. 144-151. ISSN 1744-9944 (Print), 1744-9952 (Online) (doi:10.1504/IJFE.2014.066316)

Fang, Yongfeng, Xiong, Jianbin and Tee, Kong Fah (2014) An iterative hybrid random-interval structural reliability analysis. Earthquakes and Structures, 7 (6). pp. 1061-1070. ISSN 2092-7614 (Print), 2092-7622 (Online) (doi:10.12989/eas.2014.7.6.1061)

Fang, Yongfeng, Chen, Jianjun and Tee, Kong Fah (2013) Analysis of structural dynamic reliability based on the probability density evolution method. Structural Engineering & Mechanics, 45 (2). pp. 201-209. ISSN 1225-4568 (Print), 1598-6217 (Online)

Tee, Kong Fah, Khan, Lutfor Rahman and Chen, Hua-Peng (2013) Probabilistic failure analysis of underground flexible pipes. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 47 (2). pp. 167-183. ISSN 1225-4568 (doi:10.12989/sem.2013.47.2.167)

Fang, Yongfeng, Tao, Webliang and Tee, Kong Fah (2013) Repairable k-out-of n system work model analysis from time response. Computers and Concrete, 12 (6). pp. 775-783.

Tee, Kong Fah, Cai, Yuzhi and Chen, Hua-Peng (2012) Structural damage detection using quantile regression. Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring, 3 (1). pp. 19-31. ISSN 2190-5452 (Print), 2190-5479 (Online) (doi:10.1007/s13349-012-0030-3)

Mahmoodian, Mojtaba, Alani, Amir and Tee, Kong Fah (2012) Stochastic failure analysis of the gusset plates in the Mississippi River Bridge. International Journal of Forensic Engineering, 1 (2). pp. 153-166. ISSN 1744-9944 (Print), 1744-9952 (Online) (doi:10.1504/IJFE.2012.050415)

Chen, Hua-Peng, Tee, Kong Fah and Ni, Yi-Qing (2012) Mode shape expansion with consideration of analytical modelling errors and modal measurement uncertainty. Smart Structures and Systems, 10 (4-5). pp. 485-499. ISSN 1738-1584 (Print), 1738-1991 (Online)

Wang, Tong, Zhang, Lingmi and Tee, Kong Fah (2011) Extraction of real modes and physical matrices from modal testing. Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, 10 (2). pp. 219-227. ISSN 1993-503X (online) (doi:10.1007/s11803-011-0060-6)

Tee, Kong Fah, Spadoni, A., Scarpa, F. and Ruzzene, M. (2008) Vibroacoustics and wave propagation of novel chiral honeycombs. Proceedings of SPIE: Advanced Materials and Structures, 6928,. ISSN 0277-786X (doi:10.1117/12.776075)

Conference Proceedings

Wong, Bernice V. Y. and Tee, Kong Fah (2017) Charring rate for fire exposed X-Lam. In: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. IOP Conference Series, 216 (012061). Institute of Physics Publishing. ISSN 1757-8981 (Print), 1757-899X (Online) (doi:10.1088/1757-899X/216/1/012061)

Conference or Conference Paper

Tee, Kong Fah and Khan, Lutfor Rahman (2012) Risk-Cost Optimization and Reliability Analysis of Underground Pipelines. In: 6th International ASRANet Conference for Integrating Structural Analysis, Risk and Reliablity, 2-4 July 2012, London. (Unpublished)

Tee, Kong Fah and Cai, Yuzhi (2012) Statistical structural health monitoring using quantile regression. In: 5th European Conference on Structural Control (EACS), 18-20 Jun 2012, Genoa, Italy.

Chen, Hua-Peng, Wang, Ke-Lai and Tee, Kong Fah (2010) Structural health monitoring utilizing dynamic perturbation method. In: 3rd International Conference on Dynamics, Vibration and Control (ICDVC), 12-14 May 2010, Hangzhou, China.

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