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Items where Greenwich Author is "Secomb, Linnell"

Items where Greenwich Author is "Secomb, Linnell"

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Beauvoir, Far from Heaven, transcendence, immanence

Secomb, Linnell (2012) Simone de Beauvoir, melodrama and the ethics of transcendence. In: Boulé, Jean-Pierre and Tidd, Ursula, (eds.) Existentialism and Contemporary Cinema: A Beauvoirian Perspective. Berghahn Books, New York / Oxford, pp. 81-96. ISBN 9780857457295

Hegel, Heidegger, being-toward-death, dwelling-with-death

Secomb, Linnell (1999) Philosophical deaths and feminine finitude. Mortality, 4 (2). pp. 111-125. ISSN 1357-6275 (Print), 1469-9885 (Online) (doi:

IVF, pregnancy, femininity, Gayatri Spivak, Jacques Derrida

Secomb, Linnell (1995) IVF: Reproducing the "proper [family] of man". The Australian Feminist Law Journal, 4. pp. 19-38. ISSN 1320-0968

Jean Luc-Nancy, Kim Scott, time, community, Australian Indigenous experience

Secomb, Linnell (2003) Interrupting mythic community. Cultural Studies Review, 9 (1). pp. 85-102. ISSN 1446-8123 (Print), 1837-8692 (Online)

Judith Butler, Blanchot, performativity, language, gender studies, feminist philosophy, social theory

Secomb, Linnell (2008) Words that matter: Reading the performativity of humanity through Butler and Blanchot. In: Davies, Bronwyn, (ed.) Judith Butler in Conversation: Analyzing the Texts and Talk of Everyday Life. Routledge, Oxford, UK, pp. 145-162. ISBN 9780415956536

Simone de Beauvoir, time, duration, death, alterity

Secomb, Linnell (2006) Killing time: Simone de Beauvoir on temporality and mortality. Australian Feminist Studies, 21 (51). pp. 343-353. ISSN 0816-4649 (Print), 1465-3303 (Online) (doi:

Tracey Moffat, Kathleen Petyarre, Walter Benjamin, Indigenous art, Dreaming, space and time

Secomb, Linnell (2006) Petyarra and Moffatt: 'Looking from the sky'. Cultural Studies Review, 12 (1). pp. 44-56. ISSN 1446-8123 (Print), 1837-8692 (Online)

community, difference, alterity, Jean-Luc Nancy

Secomb, Linnell (2000) Fractured community. Hypatia, 15 (2). pp. 133-150. ISSN 1527-2001 (online) (doi:

death, Maurice Blanchot, Sarah Kofman, Kim Scott

Secomb, Linnell (2002) Autothanatography. Mortality: Promoting the interdisciplinary study of death and dying, 7 (1). pp. 33-46. ISSN 1357-6275 (Print), 1469-9885 (Online) (doi:

feminist philosophy, embodiment, Irigaray

Secomb, Linnell (2008) Rrapping Irigaray: Flesh, passion, world. In: Anderson, Nicole and Schlunke, Katrina, (eds.) Cultural Theory in Everyday Practice. Oxford University Press, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 122-132. ISBN 9780195562453

human rights, enlightenment, humanism, Heidegger, autoimmunity, justice, hospitality

Secomb, Linnell (2010) Derrida’s other ends of man. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law / Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique, 23 (3). pp. 299-313. ISSN 0952-8059 (Print), 1572-8722 (Online) (doi:

love, colonialism, postcolonialism, Yinka Shonibare, alterity, Jean-Luc Nancy

Secomb, Linnell (2013) Empire and the ambiguities of love. Cultural Studies Review, 19 (2). pp. 193-215. ISSN 1837-8692

love, community, friendship, hospitality, Jacques Derrida, Jean-Luc Nancy

Secomb, Linnell (2006) Amorous politics: between Derrida and Nancy. Social Semiotics, 16 (3). pp. 449-460. ISSN 1035-0330 (Print), 1470-1219 (Online) (doi:

love, emotions, philosophy, popular culture, Plato

Secomb, Linnell (2007) Philosophy and love: from Plato to popular culture. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, Scotland. ISBN 978-0-7486-2367-9 (hbk), 978-0-7486-2368-6 (pbk); 978-0-253-21947-3 (IUP, USA and Canada)

minoritarian literature, minoritarian philosophy, femininity, Simone de Beauvoir, Gilles Deleuze

Secomb, Linnell (1999) Beauvoir's minoritarian philosophy. Hypatia: a Journal of Feminist Philosophy, 14 (4). pp. 96-113. ISSN 0886-5367 (Print), 1527-2001 (Online) (doi:

mourning, melancholia, femininity, Jacques Derrida, Emmanuel Levinas, Nicolas Abraham, Maria Torok

Secomb, Linnell (1995) The Entombments of Feminine Being. Australian Feminist Studies ISSN online 1465-3303, 10 (21). pp. 187-202. ISSN 0816-4649 (Print), 1465-3303 (Online) (doi:

nation, death, memory, Australian indigenous experience, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jacques Derrida

Secomb, Linnell (2002) Haunted community. In: Strysick, Michael, (ed.) The Politics of Community. Critical Studies in the Humanities . The Davies Group, Publishers, Aurora, CO. USA, pp. 131-150. ISBN 978-1-888570-63-2

toleration, recognition, freedom, multiculturalism, Jean-Luc Nancy

Secomb, Linnell (2003) Hybrid freedoms. Studies in Practical Philosophy, 3 (1). pp. 118-136. ISSN 1389-0506

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