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Items where Greenwich Author is "Samaluk , Dr Barbara "

Items where Greenwich Author is "Samaluk , Dr Barbara "

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Austerity; European funds; Welfare administration and provision; Project modes of work organisation; Slovenia

Samaluk, Barbara (2017) Austerity stabilised through European funds: The impact on Slovenian welfare administration and provision. Industrial Relations Journal, 48 (1). pp. 56-71. ISSN 0019-8692 (Print), 1468-2338 (Online) (doi:

Bourdieu; Labour market intermediaries; Migrant worker-consumers; Neo-colonialism; Poland; (Self)colonial cultural capital; Slovenia; Transnational exchange.

Samaluk, Barbara (2015) Migrant workers' engagement with labour market intermediaries in Europe: symbolic power guiding transnational exchange. Work, Employment and Society, 30 (3):095001701559. pp. 455-471. ISSN 0950-0170 (Print), 1469-8722 (Online) (doi:

Commodification, Migrant workers, Transnational employment agencies, Racism

Samaluk, Barbara (2014) Racialised “price-tag”: Commodification of migrant workers on transnational employment agencies’ websites. In: Pajnik, Mojca and Anthias, Floya, (eds.) Work and the challenges of belonging: Migrants in globalizing economies. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, pp. 155-178. ISBN 9781443858113

Critical whiteness studies, Methodology

Samaluk, Barbara and Pedersen, Linda (2012) Editorial: Different pathways into critical whiteness studies. Graduate Journal of Social Science, 9 (1). pp. 9-21. ISSN 1572-3763 (Print), 1572-3763 (Online)

Freelance musicians, collectives, trade unions, Slovenia, UK, France

Greer, Ian, Samaluk, Barbara and Umney, Charles (2018) Better strategies for herding cats? Forms of solidarity among freelance musicians in London, Paris, and Ljubljana. In: Doellgast, Virginia, Lillie, Nathan and Pulignano, Valeria, (eds.) Reconstructing Solidarity: Labour Unions, Precarious Work, and the Politics of Institutional Change in Europe. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 166-187. ISBN 978-0198791843

Migrant workers, UK, Bourdieu, Ethnic privilege, Post-socialist Europe, Postcolonial whiteness

Samaluk, Barbara (2014) Whiteness, ethnic privilege and migration: a Bourdieuian framework. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 29 (4). pp. 370-388. ISSN 0268-3946 (doi:

Migration, Bourdieiu, Intersectionality

Samaluk, Barbara (2015) Change and inertia in (re)formation and commodification of migrant workers’ subjectivities: An intersectional analysis across spatial and temporal dimensions. In: Tatli, Ahu, Ozbilgin, Mustafa and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine, (eds.) Pierre Bourdieu, Organisation and Management. Routledge Studies in Management, Organizations and Society . Routledge, New York, US, pp. 37-54. ISBN 9780415737265

Migration; Consumption; Work; Postcolonial theory; Central and Eastern Europe; Postcolonial; Post-socialist Europe; Orientalism; Neoliberalism

Samaluk, Barbara (2016) Migration, consumption and work: A postcolonial perspective on post-socialist migration to the UK. Ephemera, 16 (3). pp. 95-118. ISSN 2052-1499 (Print), 1473-2866 (Online)

Moral economy; Transnational Labour Migration; Central and Eastern Europe; Polish and Slovenia migrant workers' value struggles

Samaluk, Barbara (2016) Neoliberal moral economy: Migrant workers' value struggles across temporal and spatial dimensions. In: Karner, Christian and Weicht, Bernhard, (eds.) The Commonalities of Global Crises: Markets, Communities and Nostalgia. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 61-85. ISBN 978-1-137-50271-1 (doi:

Trade unions; Innovation; Slovenia; Precarity

Samaluk, Barbara (2017) Innovative trade union practices addressing growing precarity characterised by rescaled governance and the shrinking welfare state: the case of Slovenia. In: Bernaciak, Magdalena and Kahancová, Marta, (eds.) Beyond the Crisis: Strategic Innovation Within CEE Trade Union Movements. ETUI, Brussels, pp. 197-217.

active labour market policies, education-to-work transitions, EU funding, intersectionality, precarity, precarization, Slovenia, social reproduction, welfare professions, workfare.

Samaluk, Barbara (2020) Precarious education-to-work transitions: entering welfare professions under a workfarist regime. Work, Employment and Society, 35 (1). pp. 137-156. ISSN 0950-0170 (Print), 1469-8722 (Online) (doi:

comparative case study, industrial relations, market, projects, project-based, temporary organization, work

Greer, Ian, Samaluk, Barbara and Umney, Charles (2018) Toward a precarious projectariat? Project dynamics in Slovenian and French social services. Organization Studies. ISSN 0170-8406 (Print), 1741-3044 (Online) (doi:

neoliberal (self)colonisation, post-socialism, emigration, Poland, Slovenia

Samaluk, Barbara (2016) Neoliberalna (samo)kolonizacija: primer sodobnih poljskih in slovenskih izseljevanj aktivnega prebivalstva [Neoliberal self-colonisation: the case of contemporary Polish and Slovenian emigration of active population]. Časopis za kritiko znanosti, 44 (264). pp. 362-384. ISSN 0351-4285

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