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Items where Greenwich Author is "Lucas, Dr Sandra S. "

Items where Greenwich Author is "Lucas, Dr Sandra S. "

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Adobe; Fibres; Sustainable Construction

Mohammed Ahmed, Faisal and Lucas, Sandra (2016) Jute fibre reinforcement of Adobe Brick as a means to providing cheap and sustainable housing. In: XII International Conference on Structural Repair and Rehabilitation CINPAR 2016, 26 - 29 October 2016, Porto, Portugal. (Unpublished)

Cracking; Gypsum Mortars; Lime Mortars; Mechanical strength; Phase change materials; Workability

Cunha, Sandra, Lucas, Sandra, Aguiar, José, Ferreira, Victor and Bragança, Luís (2013) Influence of incorporation phase change materials, PCM, granulates on workability, mechanical strength and aesthetical appearance of lime and gypsum mortars. Architecture Civil Engineering Environment, 6 (3). pp. 39-48. ISSN 1899-0142

Phase change materials; Rheology; Flow table; Lime; Mortars

Lucas, S., Senff, L., Ferreira, V., Barroso de Aguiar, J. L. and Labrincha, J. A. (2010) Fresh state characterization of lime mortars for latent heat storage. Applied Rheology, 20 (2). ISSN 1617-8106 (Online) (doi:

Self-cleaning; Heat storage; Nanoparticles; Photocatalysis mortars; Sustainability

Lucas, Sandra (2016) New construction materials combining self-cleaning and heat storage properties. In: Zero Carbon Buildings: Today and in the Future 2016 - Proceedings of a Conference held at Birmingham City University, 8th-9th September 2016. Birmingham City University, Birmingham, pp. 125-130. ISBN 978-1-904839-88-0

Self-healing, Cement, Crack closure

Lucas, Sandra (2017) Development of self-healing cement pastes by long-term hydration. In: ICSHM 2017 6th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials, 25 – 28 June 2017, Friedrichshafen/Lake Constance, Germany.

Self-healing, Concrete, Bacteria, Expanded clay

Lucas, S. S., Moxham, C., Tziviloglou, Eirini and Jonkers, H. (2017) Self-healing concrete with bacteria encapsulated in expanded clay. In: MATERIAIS 2017: VIII International Symposium on Materials, 9-12 April 2017, Aveiro, Portugal.

Self-healing, Polymers, Concrete, Ceramics

Lucas, Sandra, von Tapavicza, Max, Schmidt, Annette, Bertling, Jürgen and Nellesen, Anke (2016) Study of quantification methods in self-healing ceramics, polymers and concrete – a route towards commercialisation. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures. pp. 1-54. ISSN 1045-389X (Print), 1530-8138 (Online) (doi:

Self-healing; Quantification; Polymers; Composites

Lucas, S. S., Nellesen, A. and Tapavicza, M. V. (2013) Assessment of self-healing capabilities, a route towards standardization, International Conference on Self-Healing Materials. In: International Conference on Self-Healing Materials (ICSHM2013), 17-19 June 2013, Ghent, Belgium.

Titanium dioxide; Ion doping; Photocatalysis; Mortars; Self-cleaning; NOx

Lucas, Sandra (2017) Influence of operating parameters and ion doping on the photocatalytic activity of mortars containing titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Materials Today: Proceedings, 4 (11). pp. 11588-11593. ISSN 2214-7853 (Online) (doi:

indoor environment control, functional mortars

Lucas, S.S. (2014) Indoor environment control with functional mortars. In: Brown, Jerri, (ed.) Titanium Dioxide: Chemical Properties, Applications and Environmental Effects. Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY, USA, pp. 21-48. ISBN 9781633213913

mortar (E), microstructure (B), mechanical properties (C), cement (D)

Lucas, S.S., Ferreira, V.M. and de Aguiar, J.L. Barroso (2012) Incorporation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in mortars — Influence of microstructure in the hardened state properties and photocatalytic activity. Cement and Concrete Research, 43. pp. 112-120. ISSN 0008-8846 (doi:

nano-silica, nano-titania, rheology, flow table, mortars, cement

Senff, L., Hotza, D., Lucas, S., Ferreira, V.M. and Labrincha, J.A. (2011) Effect of nano-SiO2 and nano-TiO2 addition on the rheological behavior and the hardened properties of cement mortars. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 532. pp. 354-361. ISSN 0921-5093 (doi:

phase change materials, microstructure, mortars, heat storage

Lucas, S.S., Ferreira, V.M. and Aguiar, J.L. Barroso de (2013) Latent heat storage in PCM containing mortars—Study of microstructural modifications. Energy and Buildings, 66. pp. 724-731. ISSN 0378-7788 (doi:

photocatalysis, phase change materials, mortars, self-cleaning, TiO2,PCM

Lucas, S. S. and Barroso de Aguiar, J. L. (2018) Multifunctional wall coating combining photocatalysis, self-cleaning and latent heat storage. Materials Research Express, 5 (2). ISSN 2053-1591 (Online) (doi:

smart materials, rheological properties, ceramic-matrix composites (CMCs)

Senff, L., Tobaldi, D.M., Lucas, S., Hotza, D., Ferreira, V.M. and Labrincha, J.A. (2012) Formulation of mortars with nano-SiO2 and nano-TiO2 for degradation of pollutants in buildings. Composites Part B: Engineering, 44 (1). pp. 40-47. ISSN 1359-8368 (doi:

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