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Items where Greenwich Author is "Scrieciu, Şerban"

Items where Greenwich Author is "Scrieciu, Şerban"

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Scrieciu, S., Rezai, A. and Mechler, R. (2012) On the economic foundations of green growth discourses: The case of climate change mitigation and macroeconomic dynamics in economic modeling. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment, 2 (3). pp. 251-268. ISSN 2041-8396 (Print), 2041-840X (Online) (doi:


Scrieciu, S. Şerban, Barker, Terry and Ackerman, Frank (2011) Pushing the boundaries of climate economics: Critical issues to consider in climate policy analysis. Ecological Economics, 85. pp. 155-165. ISSN 0921-8009 (doi:

Deeb, A, French, A, Heiss, J, Jabbour, J, LaRochelle, D, Levintanus, A, Kontorov, A, Markku, R, Martinez, GS, McKeown, R, Paus, N, Pecoud, A, Penisson, G, Puig, D, Retanna, V, Scrieciu, Şerban, Strecker, M, Vachatimanont, V, Witte, B and Yamada, N (2011) Responding to Climate Change: The Economy and Economics - Part of the Problem and Solution. In: Haeussling, S and Heiss, J, (eds.) Climate change starter’s guidebook: an issues guide for education planners and practitioners. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Paris, France, pp. 48-51. ISBN 9789231010019

Barker, Terry, Scrieciu, S. Şerban and Foxon, Tim (2011) Achieving the G8 50% target: modelling induced and accelerated technological change using the macro-econometric model E3MG. Climate Policy, 8. S30-S45. ISSN 1469-3062 (Print), 1752-7457 (Online) (doi:

Scrieciu, Şerban (2011) Towards new thinking in economics. World Economics, 12 (1). pp. 115-144. ISSN 1468-1838 (Print), 1474-3884 (Online)

Scrieciu, Şerban (2011) Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts on Agriculture in the New Europe: Post-Communist Transition and Accession to the European Union. Routledge Studies in Ecological Economics . Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780415475884

Scrieciu, Şerban (2011) "Is the concept of a green economy a useful way of framing policy discussions and policymaking to promote sustainable development?". Natural Resources Forum, 35 (1). pp. 63-72. ISSN 0165-0203 (Print), 1477-8947 (Online) (doi:

Scrieciu, Şerban, Bristow, Sophy and Puig, Daniel (2011) MCA4climate: A Practical Framework for Planning Pro-Development Climate Policy. United Nations Environment Programme.


van Vuuren, Detlef P., Isaac, Morna, Kundzewicz, Zbigniew W., Arnell, Nigel, Barker, Terry, Criqui, Patrick, Berkhout, Frans, Hilderink, Henk, Hinkel, Jochen, Hof, Andries, Kitous, Alban, Kram, Tom, Mechler, Reinhard and Scrieciu, Şerban (2010) The use of scenarios as the basis for combined assessment of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Global Environmental Change Part A, 21 (2). pp. 575-591. ISSN 0959-3780 (doi:

Barker, Terry, Anger, Annela, Dessens, Oliver, Pollitt, Hector, Rogers, Helen, Scrieciu, Şerban, Jones, Rod and Pyle, John (2010) Integrated modelling of climate control and air pollution: Methodology and results from one-way coupling of an energy–environment–economy (E3MG) and atmospheric chemistry model (p-TOMCAT) in decarbonising scenarios for Mexico to 2050. Environmental Science & Policy, 13 (8). pp. 661-670. ISSN 1462-9011 (doi:

Edenhofer, Ottmar, Knopf, Brigitte, Barker, Terry, Baumstark, Lavinia, Bellevrat, Elie, Chateau, Bertrand, Criqui, Patrick, Isaac, Morna, Kitous, Alban Kitous, Kypreos, Socrates, Leimbach, Marian, Lessmann, Kai, Magne, Bertrand, Scrieciu, Serban, Hal Turton, Hal and van Vuuren, Detlef P. (2010) The economics of low stabilization: model comparison of mitigation strategies and costs. The Energy Journal, 31. pp. 11-48. ISSN 0195-6574 (Print), 1944-9089 (Online) (doi:

Zhenling, L, Scrieciu, Şerban, Srivastava, L, García-Montero, LG, Borne, G, Deng, X, Van De Kerk, G, Wohlgemuth, N, Ting Chang, C, Demont, M, Stenberg, L, Peña de la Cruz, JR, Makhado, R and Masehela, K (2010) [Letter] “Should sustainable consumption and production be a policy priority for developing countries and if so, what areas should they focus on?”. Natural Resources Forum, 34 (1). pp. 85-88. ISSN 0165-0203 (Print), 1477-8947 (Online) (doi:

Barker, Terry and Scrieciu, S. Şerban (2010) Modelling low stabilization with E3MG: towards a ‘New Economics’ approach to simulating energy-environment-economy system dynamics. Energy Journal, 31. pp. 137-164. ISSN 0195-6574 (Print), 1944-9089 (Online) (doi:


van Vuuren, Detlef P., Hoogwijk, Monique, Barker, Terry, Riahi, Keywan, Boeters, Stefan, Chateau, J, Scrieciu, Şerban, van Vliet, Jean, Masui, Toshihiko, Blok, Kornelis, Blomen, Eliane and Kram, Tom (2009) Comparison of top-down and bottom-up estimates of sectoral and regional greenhouse gas emission reduction potentials. Energy Policy, 37 (12). pp. 5125-5139. ISSN 0301-4215 (doi:

Barker, Terry and Scrieciu, S. Şerban (2009) Unilateral climate change mitigation, carbon leakage and competitiveness: an application to the European Union. International Journal of Global Warming, 1 (4). pp. 405-417. ISSN 1758-2083 (doi:


Stringer, Lindsay C., Scrieciu, S. Şerban and Reed, Mark S. (2008) Biodiversity, land degradation, and climate change: Participatory planning in Romania. Applied Geography, 29 (1). pp. 77-90. ISSN 0143-6228 (doi:

Kirkpatrick, Colin and Scrieciu, S. Şerban (2008) Is trade liberalisation bad for the environment? A review of the economic evidence. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 51 (4). pp. 497-510. ISSN 0964-0568 (Print), 1360-0559 (Online) (doi:

Scrieciu, S. Şerban and Stringer, Lindsay C. (2008) The transformation of post-communist societies in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: An economic and ecological sustainability perspective. European Environment, 18 (3). pp. 168-185. ISSN 0961-0405 (Print), 1099-0976 (Online) (doi:

Barker, Terry, Scrieciu, Şerban and Taylor, David (2008) Climate change, social justice and development. Development, 51 (3). pp. 317-324. ISSN 1011-6370 (Print), 1461-7072 (Online) (doi:


Scrieciu, Şerban (2007) Economic impacts of adopting the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union: a CGE approach to the case of Romania. Journal of Economic Integration, 22 (2). pp. 407-438. ISSN 1225-651X (Print), 1976-5525 (Online) (doi:


Scrieciu, S. Şerban (2006) The inherent dangers of using computable general equilibrium models as a single integrated modelling framework for sustainability impact assessment. A critical note on Böhringer and Löschel (2006). Ecological Economics, 60 (4). pp. 678-684. ISSN 0921-8009 (doi:

Scrieciu, S. Şerban (2006) Can economic causes of tropical deforestation be identified at a global level? Ecological Economics, 62 (3-4). pp. 603-612. ISSN 0921-8009 (doi:

Kirkpatrick, C, George, C. and Scrieciu, S. Şerban (2006) Trade liberalisation in environmental services: why so little progress? Global Economy Journal, 6 (2):4. ISSN 1524-5861 (Online) (doi:

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