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Greenwich Academic Literature Archive Deposit Guide

Greenwich Academic Literature Archive Deposit Guide

Before you deposit in Greenwich Academic Literature Archive

You may find it helpful to print this document for easy reference.

To deposit a paper:

  1. Check that the paper is eligible
  2. Check that you have the document in a suitable electronic format
  3. Login to GALA.
  4. Deposit your research output.

1. Eligible papers

Eligible papers are those that:

  • are authored by a member of University of Greenwich. In the case of multiple authors, at least one must be from the university.
  • are one of the following document types:
    • article from a journal, magazine, newspaper
    • chapter or section in a book
    • a book or a conference paper
    • monograph i.e. a technical report, project report, documentation, manual, working paper or discussion paper
    • Non-print materials (e.g. PDF, plain text, rtf, PPT, Excel, Word, jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff, audio mpeg, audio wav, QuickTime, MSvideo, video mpeg, xml, mp3 etc.)
  • have copyright clearance. (Don't worry if you aren't sure about this - it will be checked by the Repository Administrator. It would be helpful if you could use the "Additional Information" field on the deposit form for any copyright information you do have.)

2. Format of your document

Many publishers do not allow their PDF of documents to be used in institutional repositories, although some do. The best format for deposits is therefore one or more of the following:

  • a Word file
  • your own PDF
  • publisher's PDF
  • plain text

If you do not have your document in one of those formats, and cannot convert it, please deposit it anyway, noting which format it is in the appropriate box.

You may deposit items in more than one format - the Repository Administrator will use the most appropriate.